A peaceful setting nurtures body and spirit

The 2017 West Coast Intensive will be held at Mountain Home Ranch in Calistoga, CA. Mountain Home Ranch, located on 340 acres in northern California wine country, features incredible natural beauty combined with simple pleasures such as feeding the farm animals that live there and swimming in the two on-site pools. Please visit their website for more details about the amenities and accommodations available at Mountain Home Ranch. Many of the accommodations tend towards simple and can be described as “rustic.” We will provide detailed information prior to the retreat to let you know what you need to bring to support you during your stay. Most people can expect to share a room with 1-3 others, though we will try to reserve some private rooms if needed.

Meals emphasize healthy choices, with a variety of food choices for vegetarian, vegan and omnivore diners. We will pass along special food requests to the chefs. While they often can accommodate special diets, we also ask you to bring any food items that you would need to ensure your health and well-being.

Calistoga is an idyllic setting for summer fun. Warm summer days with average high temperatures in the low 90s encourage refreshing swims during breaks in the lake or pool. While the rooms are not air-conditioned, average night-time lows in the low 50s give us a chance to cool off and sleep restfully. Plan to bring layered clothing to accommodate the wide temperature range. If you love hiking, many trails and natural wonders are available.

Napa Valley location

Images from the Ranch