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Showing Up Fully with My Dad

By David Johnson When I first began to immerse myself in the study of Nonviolent Communication, I faced a dilemma that I think is not uncommon. I was excited by what I was learning and saw the potential it had for completely transforming the relationships in my life. So of course, I was thinking that [...]

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Tips For These Uncertain Times

By Roxy Manning The events that have unfolded since the election continue to stimulate a huge amount of fear in me and those around me. I’ve had many sleepless nights since November, stemming from my children wondering if Trump’s election meant half the country did not like people of color, from colleagues applying preemptively for [...]

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WCI Info Is Coming Soon!

The 2016 West Coast Intensive will be held at Mountain Home Ranch in Calistoga, CA. The dates are July 17 - 24, 2016. The full website will launch soon with exciting details about this year's program and trainers. Check back soon for more information!  

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