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Don’t Help Anyone!

By Ranjana (Ranji) Ariaratnam Sitting in the bedroom of the 1940s cottage nestled in the Santa Cruz mountains, the slightly musty smell tickling my nose, I was filled with despair.  I looked out the window, with the canopy of huge redwoods filtering in thin streams of sunlight, opened my mouth and let out an agonized [...]

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Release the Body, Release the Past

by David A. Johnson It began as an ordinary day, and perhaps the fact that any day in that place had become ordinary was in itself telling.  I walked along the crest of the hill that formed the center of the IDP camp, struck as I always was by the cruel juxtaposition of such [...]

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The Power of Authenticity + Care

by Roxy Manning Where in your life do you stay silent and not show up fully? What prevents you from showing up? Do you wonder if it is possible to be intensely authentic and real and yet hold care for everyone in the situation? Most of you reading this article have never seen me. If you [...]

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Walking Towards Conflict

by David A. Johnson I'll tell you a secret – you may not believe me, but I’ll tell you anyway.  There have been times I have felt more out of place in the States than I have in any of the countries where I have lived and worked in Africa or Central America.  At least [...]

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