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Inspiration 2017

Including All Without Excluding Any

By Ranjana Ariaratnam, David Johnson, Talli Jackson, and Roxy Manning For this final article in the WCI 2017 series, we decided to write jointly. This article is our invitation for you to think about inclusion and interdependence, how you have experienced them (or not) in your life. We don’t purport to have definitive answers, and [...]

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Showing Up Fully with My Dad

By David Johnson When I first began to immerse myself in the study of Nonviolent Communication, I faced a dilemma that I think is not uncommon. I was excited by what I was learning and saw the potential it had for completely transforming the relationships in my life. So of course, I was thinking that [...]

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The Healing Power of Creative Expression

By Ranjana (Ranji) Ariaratnam It was a Friday evening at the end of an ordinary week. But something was wrong. I felt a heaviness and an unwellness that I just could not describe. Not unwell as in coming down with a seasonal bug. But rather the anguish of a heavy burden sinking down on my [...]

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Discovering My Creativity

By David Johnson Ranji stood in front of me holding the book and for a few moments it was impossible for me to take in what she was saying. How did she know? How could she possibly know? We had been busy packing up our apartment in Berkeley getting ready to leave for Addis Ababa [...]

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Caring and the Expanded Self

By Talli Jackson When I was first introduced to the idea of “self-care,” the impression I walked away with was that it meant doing what I needed to take care of myself as an individual. It had to do with bringing balance to my mind, body, and emotions, and used “feeling good" as both the [...]

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Tips For These Uncertain Times

By Roxy Manning The events that have unfolded since the election continue to stimulate a huge amount of fear in me and those around me. I’ve had many sleepless nights since November, stemming from my children wondering if Trump’s election meant half the country did not like people of color, from colleagues applying preemptively for [...]

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