The 2017 WCI
Restorative Community: Interdependence, Resilience, and Creativity

We develop resilience both from within and outside ourselves.  By nurturing a compassionate practice of self-care, we develop our inner strength to withstand the storms that life may bring.  Creativity is a link between the inner and the outer, and has the potential to bridge the differences between ourselves and others by touching into our common humanity.  By engaging in truly restorative community we access the interdependence that comes from mutuality– the opportunity to both contribute to others and be supported ourselves.

How will you benefit?

Faced with constant calls for their services, those in the healing professions can easily push themselves beyond what is healthy.  Understand the causes of burnout, learn and practice strategies to help you take care of yourself in order to contribute to others in a sustainable way.  Through strengthened self-care practices you will have more energy to devote to the work you are called to do.
Stressful work environments – with a constant flow of people in need and its direct and vicarious trauma – can impact our emotional and physical health as well as decrease the effectiveness of our work.  Learn and practice skills and strategies to foster deeper relationships with clients and coworkers and help you stay healthy and effective in work where you are constantly in highly charged situations.
Experience how TRE can support your NVC practice and can contribute to allowing you to have the relationships you long for with yourself and others.  By promoting the discharge of tension held in the body, TRE allows the physiology to resolve fight/flight/freeze activation – like a reset button for the nervous system.  With this release, you can be more present for the conversations you want to have in your life.
Learn how NVC complements the practice of TRE® to give an added dimension both to your personal TRE practice as well as your work with clients.

For TRE Providers working with clients, NVC provides:

  • another practice to keep you grounded as someone who is holding space for others
  • tools to help you to remain in social engagement and to help clients get there too
  • ways of responding to clients without crossing over into counselling, through staying in NVC Empathy – for those TRE Providers who are not clinicians as well as for clinicians who want additional tools for staying present and connecting with themselves and others with self responsibility and compassion
  • a further means by which we can explore the experience of nervous system regulation which TRE also offers, giving us more choice both internally and in relationship with others
Working on the frontlines of support social justice and social change movements can take its toll as we sometimes struggle with despair and hopelessness in the face of a seemingly immense task.   Learn concrete practices for self care and healing that will help you approach your work with more energy and effectiveness while bringing a compassionate fierceness to your efforts.

What can you do at the retreat?

Learn both the basics of NVC as well as NVC applications that can enhance your healing and support work with your clients.  Sessions will support both people new to NVC as well as those with NVC experience who are longing to deepen into this practice and better apply it in their lives.
Learn a set of movements that promotes tremors to release deep muscular patterns of tension and trauma. In addition to daily practice which will help you integrate TRE® as a way to revitalize yourself and minimize work-related burnout, sessions will provide an understanding of your physiological responses and the theory behind TRE, so you can better understand yourself and the reactions of others to the world around them.
Through activities such as art, writing, dance, and song, tap into your creative side in a supportive and nurturing community.  Explore aspects of yourself that you may not often have the space to honor.  Discover what emerges and how it might nourish you to more fully engage with the world!
Meditation, yoga, swimming, hiking are all available on-site, and ample time will be offered for you to engage in these revitalizing activities.  Massage (additional fee) will also be available.

“The ancient redwood trees of Northern California, huge as they are, have a very shallow root system, yet they cannot be blown over by the strongest wind. The secret of their stability is the interweaving of each tree’s roots with those that stand by it. Thus, a vast network of support is formed just beneath the surface. In the wildest of storms, these trees hold each other up.” – Anonymous

Let us stand together and replenish our minds, hearts and souls in support of the work we each do in this world.